Other Workshops

Workshop on Personality Development for Visually Impaired Students

A two day workshop on Personality Development for Visually Impaired students was organised by Eyeway and Sightsavers International at the DU-NTPC Centre. The workshop was attended by twelve participants from the University.

Date:-Nov. 20-21, 2009. Venue:- Conference Room, DU-NTPC.

Indo-Pakistani Sign Language Workshop

Monthly meetings of deaf and hearing students and teachers of IGNOU/DU where various linguistics and language related issues of Sign Language and Deaf issues are discussed vigorously and enthusiastically. These workshops are reported in detail .

Date:-Usually the last Friday of the month. Venue:- DU-NTPC Centre/IGNOU.

Workshop on Disability and Gender jointly organized by IAWS & EOC

The two day workshop on Disability and Gender was cohosted by the IAWS and the EOC and was conducted by Dr. Anita Ghai from Jesus & Mary College. Around eighteen participants attended the workshop which included representatives from various organizations, faculty members from different Departments of the University and the EOC members. Course content and reading material were selected and finalized for academic programmes in Gender and Disability studies.

Date:-March 28, 2010. Venue:- Conference Room, DU-NTPC Centre

Meeting on"Critical Assessment of the Overall Provisions for the PWDs in University of Delhi"

The meeting was attended by EOC members and staff, University students and NGO members. The discussion included issues relating to admission procedure, medical certification, examination issues, scholarships and accommodation issues of PwD students. Chaired by Prof. S.K.Vij, Dean, Students Welfare, the meeting was also attended by Dy. Dean, Dr. Seema Parihar and Dr. Goswami, CMO, University Health Centre. The existing norms and practices were critically evaluated and new recommendations made.

Date:-15 April, 2010. Venue:- Conference Room, DU-NTPC Centre

Shri Lal Advani’s Birth Anniversary

Lal Advaniji’s birth anniversary was celebrated at DU-NTPC Centre. Prof. Amita Dhanda, Mr. Daljeet Singh Claire, Mr. Jagdish Chander and Prof.R. K. Agnihotri spoke on the occasion about Lal Advaniji’s pioneering work in mainstreaming the concerns of the disabled. The participants included friends and family members of Shri Advaniji and members from all sections of the University, the EOC and various organizations.

Date:-26 April, 2010. Venue:- Conference Room, DU-NTPC Centre